Monday, February 11, 2013

We're Off and Cruising! (Part One)

Did you think the day would ever arrive when we finally cast off the bow lines? We were both wondering that in the past 2 months, as events beyond our control evolved.

Richard wanted a new auto-pilot, as the old one was...well...old! We wanted safety and so we installed a new Simrad Auto-Pilot in our 28 year old Kadey Krogen Trawler - and just like an old home renovation - there were issues and complications. But it all finally got ironed out on Wednesday, February 6th with a successful sea trial of all the installed equipment! It was exciting to realize that the final hindrance to starting our voyage was gone! Captain announced we were leaving Thursday (..........tomorrow?!, I'm panicking..) after the mail brings a part we were expecting..

So I did what any normal person would do - I went out shopping!...again. I bought the last minute foods (fresh) and milk etc.; some fuses; more Duct Tape (can't have too much) and of course I wanted to buy more clothes - so I hit TJ Maxx one last time and found some great things I loaded my cart with - including 2 outdoor folding chairs to put on our back deck for cocktail hour and anchorage viewing! Then I drove around to our mechanic - S&S Mercedes Service & Repair (terrific and knowledgeable guys - Sam and Sal) who were taking my 21 year old Toyota Corolla wagon off my hands - and Sal's wife - a terrific lady - drove me back to the marina.

Well- long story short - the part didn't come in and the weather turned bad -giving us a windy thunderstorm - so we stayed the night at Longboat Key Club Marina (our home for the past 1+ yr) and rode our bikes over to the mail Friday to FINALLY pick up the part! So we said our last good-byes to our wonderful dock- mates - Jeff and Pam & Ron and missed Terry & Rudy and FINALLY AND OFFICIALLY - cast off on our journey!

(Part 2 - coming next entry -Getting to Key West)

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